Forbes 30 Under 30
“The 2017 FORBES 30 Under 30 is the most definitive gathering of today’s leading young change-makers and innovators in the U.S.”

Fast Company
“‘We don’t want a kid to look at a Sparki and run out of things to do.’ Even for those who’ve never programmed before, the interface can get kids interacting with Sparki ‘in minutes’.”

Huffington Post HuffPo
“Sparki is a top tech teaching toy for the little genius in your life.”

“Sparki’s ‘arms’ may be a mere inch long, but his reach is worldwide.”

The Boston Globe
“Sparki isn’t just a toy. Its builders hope the small bot will inspire a new generation of robot makers­ and computer whizzes. ‘There aren’t many things out there that can engage kids like a robot’.”

The Chicago Tribune
“This [high tech summer camp] gives young students the type of degrees you can get in this career field.”

Make Robot
“Sparki’s quite an accomplishment—ArcBotics has selected some fantastic stepper motors for Sparki, and they’ve evolved their design to create a rugged enclosure that still manages to expose all the electronics you want to play with. ”

Ars Technica
“Sparki is an Arduino-based robot for people who don’t know how to build robots.”

“For the person who wants an Arduino robot, but doesn’t know where to begin with programming, Sparki promises to offer an affordable, easy introduction to electronics and robot programming.”

Kickstarter Staff Pick

“One of the most impressive things about the little hexapod is just how affordable he is.”

“Hexy can walk, dance, bang some keyboard keys, and do whatever else you can imagine.”

ABC news
“The perfect gift for the nerd on your list, Hexy is aimed at anyone wanting a low-cost, entry-level hexapod.”