Speaking Engagements

connie-speaking-to-girls-in-tech-taiwan-croppedSpeaking to Girls in Tech – Taiwan at 5am on starting a tech business, managing funding, and lessons learned. Thank you Jane S. for inviting me to meet your amazing community, the Meera Kaul Foundation and the Female Founders Conference for making the connection.
I am especially passionate about the human side of automation and AI, the intersection of anthropology and technology, using technology to benefit under-privileged communities, and promoting more women-run businesses. I am a frequent speaker on topics related to scaling a hardware startup, crowdfunding, bootstrapping businesses, and encouraging more women to start businesses.

Speaker – Grace Hopper
Annual Conference
September 2018

Keynote Speaker – Californians for Quality Early Learning (CQEL)
Fall Education Conference
November 2017

Speaker – Middlesex Business School
Social Enterprise Course: Growing a Sustainable Business
November 2016

Speaker – The K-12 Engineering Education Podcast
September 2016

Keynote Speaker – Girls in Tech Taiwan
August 2016

Speaker and Demo – The Mechanic’s Institute
Wine, Women and Startups
March 2016

Keynote Speaker – Paper Plane Startup Academy Launch Day
May 2015

Speaker – American Leaders Open Innovation Conference
“Scaling an Open Source Robotics Startup”
May 2015

Speaker – MakerCon
“After the Kickstarter: How to turn a Successful Product into a Sustainable Business”
May 2014

Speaker – Hacker Camp Shenzhen
“Import and Export in China”
April 2014